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Your way to really own your insurance system
Why JAAHIZ Insurance Solutions?
Because it's a rare fully integrated web-based insurance solution that gives you a real full autonomy to take control of your system with very low Total Cost of Ownership.
Business Rules Center

In this center you can create all global and dependant (or local) business rules that should be available in every module allowing the users to parameterize the rules by adding values for each product, risk type, cover, user and so on.

With business rules center you can:
1 Add new global business rules…
Global Business Rules You can add as many as you want of new global business rules that can be parameterized in a related module but can be used anywhere. Product rules such as ages limits, max sum insured, max duration, are some examples of the global business rules.
2 Add new dependant business rules…
Dependant Business Rules You can also add as many as you want of new dependant (or local) business rules that should be linked only to a specific entity (client, policy, claim …). This business rule should gather specific value for one specific entity.
3 Add the most complex business rules…
Complex Business Rules Whatever the degrees of complexity of a business rule, which may include many complex conditions and/or calculations; you can parameterize it using the sequential graphical workflow designer “Insurance Talk”. It’s very easy to maintain and transparent to both business users and IT staff.
4 Add and modify user related business rules…
User Business Rules Create your own user authorization limits and rights business rules and link them to a user profile. You can also allocate business rules to Roles for access purposes.
5 Parameterize business rules per process…
Business Processes Business rules can also be parameterized per process. For example, some business rules linked to one same filed can apply for new business process and not mid-term policy change process.
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