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Your way to really own your insurance system
Why JAAHIZ Insurance Solutions?
Because it's a rare fully integrated web-based insurance solution that gives you a real full autonomy to take control of your system with very low Total Cost of Ownership.
Insurance Lines of Business

JAAHIZ Insurance Solutions support all mainstream insurance lines of business. There is ready-to-use insurance business library built with most common risk types and covers for life & health care and general (property & causality) insurance. However, because in today’s market changes are more frequent, JAAHIZ Platform offers you the possibility to change all existing risk types and/or covers or create completely new ones, whatever their degree of complexity is, in very simple way and short period of time and make them available to the business users to create new products or update existing ones.

Some of available insurance lines of businesses:
1 Available term insurance risk types…
Term Insurance Group Flat Amount
Group Salary Based
Group Credit Life
Individual Level Term
Individual Decreasing Term
2 Available whole life insurance risk types…
Whole Life Individual Whole Life
3 Available endowment insurance risk types…
Endowment Individual Endowment
4 Available health care insurance risk types…
Health Care Individual Health Care
Group Health Care
5 Available personal accident insurance risk types…
Personal Accident Individual Personal Accident
Group Personal Accident
6 Available saving & pension insurance risk types…
Conventional Saving & Pension Individual Saving & Pension
Individual Education Endowment
Individual Unit Based Pension
Group Saving & Pension
Group Salary Based Saving-Pension
Group Unit Based Pension
1 Available workman compensation insurance risk types…
Workman Compensation Driver
Workmen Compensation
2 Available motor insurance risk types…
Motor Motor
Motor Fleet
Trailers & Caravan
3 Available fire insurance risk types…
Fire Building
Expenses & Losses
Financial Losses
4 Available engineering insurance risk types…
Engineering Machinery Loss
PL/Site Risk
Financial Losses
Expenses & Losses
5 Available Liability insurance risk types…
Liability Commerce Liability
Personal Accident
Product Liability
Professional Liability
Public Liability
6 Available accident & miscellaneous insurance risk types…
Accident & Miscellaneous Risks Building
Accidental bodily injury
Householder Liability
7 Available marine insurance risk types…
Marine Marine Cargo
Goods In Transit
Marine Hull
Marine Fleet
8 Available aviation insurance risk types…
Aviation Aircraft Hull
"Seeing is believing"; to learn how JAAHIZ Insurance Solutions can save you time and keep the Total Cost of Ownership very low by simplifying your system maintenance, changes and enhancements processes please contact us
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