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Your way to really own your insurance system
Why JAAHIZ Insurance Solutions?
Because it's a rare fully integrated web-based insurance solution that gives you a real full autonomy to take control of your system with very low Total Cost of Ownership.
Multi-Insurance Company & Branches

JAAHIZ Insurance Solutions is truly a breakthrough application for growing and keeping control of you business in today's global environment. With its multi-company & multi-branch capabilities it allows you to manage insurance business of multiple operations, locations and companies in a single database. This is a robust solution that facilitates the ability to collect, utilize and report data generated from multiple operations.

With Multi-insurance company & branches you can:
1 Produce consolidated reports…
Reporting Using JAAHIZ multi-company application helps you produce consolidated reports in a very fast and accurate manner.
2 Decentralize and keep control…
Multi-Branch With multi-branch support within the same company, you can decentralize your operations to be closer to the final client while keeping control of the access to your data thanks to JAAHIZ web-based solutions.
3 Maintain a single database…
Single Database If you choose to keep one single database you can save time and avoid spending too much time switching between company databases.
4 Share centralized data…
Data Sharing As JAAHIZ is a multi-company insurance system, it allows multiple organizations or locations to share centralized data, which facilitates billing and reporting.
5 Facilitate system changes and upgrades…
Changes & Upgrades Using JAAHIZ multi-company insurance system also facilitates application upgrades and changes. Rather than upgrading multiple applications in many locations you can focus on centralized shared one.
"Seeing is believing"; to learn how JAAHIZ Insurance Solutions can save you time and keep the Total Cost of Ownership very low by simplifying your system maintenance, changes and enhancements processes please contact us
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