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Your way to really own your insurance system
Why JAAHIZ Insurance Solutions?
Because it's a rare fully integrated web-based insurance solution that gives you a real full autonomy to take control of your system with very low Total Cost of Ownership.

Paperless processes are more effective and efficient by reducing the need of physical files. With JAAHIZ Imaging you can upload any file (scanned document or other) and attach it to any entity in your system including: Client, Quotation, Policy, Member, Claim, etc. Users can then view those documents online, transfer and print them.

With imaging you can:
1 Replace physical document with e-documents…
Electronic Documents It’s known that paper-based system is time and resources consuming. It’s more efficient to use electronic documents to better serve insurance brokers and policy holders while reducing the time and cost to administer insurance policies and claims.
2 Link document to any system entity…
Scanned Paper Scan paper documents and link them to any entity such as client, policy, claim, and provider to be viewed by users. Document Imaging involves many advantages like providing quicker response time (Customer Service), which effects existing and new business.
3 Upload photos and pictures…
Photos Streamline your claim management workflow by allowing providers, such as loss adjusters and garages, for example, to upload photos, pictures and other supporting documents and link them to claim, reducing therefore physical documents circulation and the processing time.
4 Give online access to many users…
Online Access Allow immediate online access to information and multiple users viewing the same documents simultaneously.
"Seeing is believing"; to learn how JAAHIZ Insurance Solutions can save you time and keep the Total Cost of Ownership very low by simplifying your system maintenance, changes and enhancements processes please contact us
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